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Divine Light Crystals

ONE Mini Coffin - YOU PICK

ONE Mini Coffin - YOU PICK

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Assorted Mini Coffins

Opalite--Though a man made crystal, opalite is a highly energetic stone. Helps improve communication + helps to see life with optimism + curiosity.

Clear Quartz--Amplifies energy, intentions + other crystals. great for manifesting, healing + clarity.

Rose Quartz--The crystal of universal love! influences unconditional self-love, healthy relationships + gentle energy.

Zebra Jasper--Helps give a strong sense of stability + security. Overcoming apathy, laziness + over thinking.

Sodalite--Cleanses body of toxic vibes most associated with fear + guilt. Pushing you higher to gain confidence, clarity + emotional intelligence. Instills self-trust.

Red Obsidian--Encourages personal growth + reclaiming power. Helps bring thoughts + ideas into fruition.


Size: 6g, 30mm



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